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Character Designs from Robin Hood by Ken Anderson

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When stepping into a holy place, our eyes seek the light. If we’re lucky, the light will be shining through a stained glass window, adding illumination and beauty at once. Stained glass windows tell stories, educate and inspire.

And these are the most beautiful in the world. 

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Character Designs from Robin Hood by Milt Kahl

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Japanese Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 42 inches

The sword features a scabbard with floral, figures, and animal motifs across the sword and handle. The blade features carved Chinese characters.

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i would be the absolute worst dog show judge ever

all of them would win

it would be chaos

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"Gina Torres" Study - Illustration by Sam Spratt

In the midst of an album cover but had a bit of time to flesh out my sketch from the other day.